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The SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line Pipe and Fittings range with FM (Factory Mutual) approval offers the highest safety and quality standards for use in below-ground fire service piping. SIMONA is the first plastics producer worldwide to offer FM-approved pipes and fittings up to 630 mm in Diameter.

The US insurer FM Global sets the standards for products designed to protect against natural catastrophes and fire. Only products that pass very stringent tests receive the coveted FM certification. Our products passed these tests with flying colours in 2014, making SIMONA the first plastics producer worldwide to offer FM-approved pipes and fittings up to 630 mm in diameter.

Our product range includes pipes, long and short fittings and flanges up to 630 mm in diameter made of high-quality PE 100. The excellent stress crack resistance and high strength of PE offer the ideal conditions for use in below-ground fire service supplies, where the products may be subjected to extremely strong loading Forces.

Special properties

  • Low weight
  • Low incrustation
  • High flexibility
  • No corrosion
  • Excellent processing parameters
  • Approved for operating pressure of 15 bar/218 psi at 20°C/68°F
  • Certified to FM Class Number 1613

SIMONA® Products for Fire-fighting water supply


Seal/accessory - flat gasket
48 Products
Seal/accessory - profile gasket
10 Products
Special fitting - pipe collar wall seal
26 Products


Seal/accessory - profile gasket
56 Products


Metal butterfly valve
192 Products

PE 100 black

22 Products
End cap
24 Products
HKP Corner Elements
13 Products
Hollow Rods
27 Products
Pressure pipe
17 Products
Reducers concentric
83 Products
Solid Rods
67 Products
Special flange connection
12 Products
Stub flange
17 Products
Tee, reduced
78 Products
Tee, standard
15 Products

PE 80

Special fitting - shaft connection
54 Products


Blind flange
7 Products
Loose flange
6 Products
Profile loose flange
11 Products

PP-H AlphaPlus®

HKP Corner Elements
12 Products
133 Products

PP-H grey

29 Products