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Supplying the population with clean water will be one of the key challenges of the future. For the safe and efficient supply of drinking-water we offer high-quality piping systems with DVWG/SVWG (German and Swiss gas and water associations) approvals.

The benefits of our products are indisputable: excellent corrosion resistance, long service life of up to 100 years, very smooth interior surface to avoid incrustation and high resistance to salty water.

DVGW/SVGW certified products do not affect drinking water quality nor do they impair the supply network.

Special properties

  • High strength
  • Notch resistance
  • Low weight
  • Low incrustation
  • High flexibility
  • No corrosion
  • DVGW/SVGW approvals

SIMONA® Products for Drinking-water supply


Seal/accessory - flat gasket
48 Products
Seal/accessory - profile gasket
10 Products
Special fitting - pipe collar wall seal
26 Products


Seal/accessory - profile gasket
56 Products


Metal butterfly valve
192 Products

PE 100 black

64 Products
End cap
36 Products
Hollow Rods
28 Products
Pressure pipe
50 Products
Reducers concentric
193 Products
40 Products
Solid Rods
67 Products
Tee, standard
52 Products

PE 100 light blue

21 Products

PE 100 natural

26 Products

PE 100 RC

Multilayer pipe
87 Products
Pressure pipe
87 Products
Welding Rods
1 Product

PP-H AlphaPlus®

Hollow Rods
17 Products